Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hell of the Worth 2014


If you've randomly stumbled upon this, then please enjoy. If not, then you know why you are here.
This is just an informal celebration, in homage to the spring classics, of some of the cobbled climbs around the old West Riding of Yorkshire, taking in some magnificent countryside and industrial heritage.
Centered on the Worth Valley, hence the name (as well as a punning nod towards L'Enfer du Nord), in 2014 the route breaks out of the Worth valley to take in some great climbs around around the Calder Valley from Halifax to Hebden Bridge.
We'll be doing it as an invite only social ride, with interruptions for some Strava Segments on the actual climbs. Regrouping at the top before the next. The route is quite demanding, a road bike with a low low gear is envisaged.  The "reference" machine is a road bike is a 34x26, with 23mm tyres.  Cyclocross bikes are tolerated.  If you can ride the climbs on a 39x26 then you are a true hero.
The cobbles are generally ascended, rather than descended. This prevents excessive wear and tear and minimises the chances of pinch flats. Unlike the pros, we don't have a following car.
The route starts and stops in the car park of a nice pub. So you can get some refreshment afterwards. It would be polite to tell the Landlord what you are doing, although I doubt it would be a problem.
There are various pages - look for the tabs at the top - that describe the route, and the climbs

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