Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2014 Edition - Done

After an epic ride, in generally good, but misty weather, and around 5 hours of riding time (and a fair bit for mechanicals and recovery at the top of the hills), we did it.
Stragglers climbing Old Lane (#3)

Only one rider managed all the climbs without putting a foot down (excepting the insane bit at the bottom of the Butress). One other person would have done it, but the battery failed on their DI2 and they were stuck in 34x19.
The most popular low gear was a 34x28 (although the rider that did all the climbs used the reference 34x26).
Some videos of a few of the climbs (more to come):
#3 Old Lane:

#6 Butt Lane:

#8 Thwaites Brow

We were rewarded for our efforts with Pie, Peas and a Glass of Ale back at the pub:

So, we're all set to sit down in front of the Tour of Flanders on Sunday, with a glass of Kwak, and comment on how easy that ride is.

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