Friday, 21 November 2014

Planning for the 2015 edition

A quick glance at the 2015 route that I've had up for a while on Strava shows my thoughts for the next edition. Basically turning it up to 11, with two other Cobbled Climbs. However, I am still undecided. I think the 2014 route was a pretty good one. The extra climbs might push it over into something that is a bit too challenging for you general club rider in a day. But the really reason is more to do with aesthetics. The route we take from Halifax to Hebden Bridge/Heptonstall is, essentially, a very ancient highway. It was part of a main route between between Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire, when packhorses were used to transport salt from the salt mines of Cheshire to the centres of population in Yorkshire. Surprisingly, these tended to take hilly routes. Today's A Roads down in the valleys tend to be a result of the boom in building turn pike roads, in the mid 18th century. Anyway, the two additions would be Hough, easy to slip in just before the Shibden Wall, and a more forgiving introduction to Cobbles for any novices, and Gibb Lane. Similar to Hainworth Lane, not as steep as Shibden Wall, and no where near as long as Thwaites Brow, but still a fairly testing climb to have in the legs prior to the powerfests of Old Lane and the Buttress. Still thinking on it.

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