Saturday, 22 August 2015

Horsehold, Hebden Bridge

Horsehold is a nice climb on the south side of the Calder from the centre of Hebden Bridge.

There has been some demand to shoe horn it into the route.  The problem is that the cobbles don't really get started until the "interesting" bit of the climb is done.  There are actually two sections, the first up from the top of the steep bit to the micro-hamlet of Horsehold.  Then a less well repaired section after the Hamlet.

The biggest problem is that the road turns into bridleways.  Great for some rough stuff or MTB (it connects with the Pennine Bridle Way), but not so good with road bikes; and it would be an big off road detour to get back down the to the valley.

Well worth doing though, as the views are terrific.

View down the hill, the good section, with Heptonstall in the distance

Top section of setts, looking down towards Horsehold

The climb starts at the bridge over the canal, then goes up over the pleasantly named "Weasel Hall Tunnel" that the railway goes through.

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