Sunday, 25 October 2015

Let's start a conspiracy theory!

Well, not exactly.  But the hallmark of a good conspiracy theory is that you start with the conclusion you want, and then work backwards to the facts.

Both Trooper Lane and Shibden Wall (Lee Lane) were "repaired" this year.  Both by Calerdale Council (as far as I could tell from the signs, i.e. not a utility company).  Shibden Wall has ended up with a lot of the setts being replaced with blacktop; Trooper Lane was lovingly and extensively repaired at the very top bit which the cars don't use.  In fact, all of the cobbled section now resembles the same quality Haworth Main street.  But without all the tourist traffic.

Now, the only time that roads tend to get repaired in such an over-the-top way (austerity, anyone?) is when a major international cycle race goes through them.  Haworth Main street has featured in both the 2014 TDF and the inaugral 2015 Tour de Yorkshire.   So now we have a very off-the-beaten-track route made up to the same standard as the top tourist destination and racing parcours.


Will have to wait until December until the 2016 TdY route is revealed.

Either way, they've done a lovely job on Trooper Lane, and you should knock a few seconds of your PB if you've not climbed it recently.

Fingers crossed.

I think a climb up Trooper Lane would be terrific.  Although it is very narrow.  But I think there is precedent for that in major races, especially when going up.  And there isn't much of a caravan for the TdY.

Time to go for a lie down.


  1. It might just be the case that Trooper Lane is in a conservation area, while Shibden Wall (Lee Lane) isn't. Aside from crushing the dream, it just raises questions as to why Lee Lane isn't...

  2. Tracked down the conservation areas, Trooper Lane isn't in one of them. Conspiracy theory is back to go-go-go!