Tuesday, 15 December 2015

More fly tipping on Crooked Lane

Does Crooked Lane need "Saving"?

Sunday was icy and damp, so I took the MTB out, and rode a bit of the route for the 2016 edition as far as Crooked Lane, then back via Taylor Lane.   Very saddened to see that fly tippers had struck again.
As I got to the bottom of the climb, water was running down the cobbles.  My first thought was "good, this should clean them".  Which it was... until I got further up.  One of two lots of garden waste, put an industrial quantity. The grass clippings are turning to mulch and starting to be moved down the hill.  The red "skip" is what was used to transport that.  The rest looks to be the remains of taking out an old bathroom.  Lots of builders materials, but no "evidence" such as receipts or other bits of paper.
Just need to work out if Crooked Lane is Calderdale or Bradford, and to try to this reported. The Borough Boundary actually runs up Crooked Lane, so it's tricky.  It's very close to a farm house, so not sure what they think of it.

The nearest postcode I could find, HX3 6SU, appears in Calderdale's directory, so I've reported it using the https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/community/clean-streets/request-report/fly-tipping/form.jsp link.  Now to see what happens!

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