Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What's coming for 2016?

Here's a list of the cobbled climbs that are currently on the 2016 route... (more details later), still need to research a few things, and keep an eye on fly-tipping etc.

1. Crooked Lane; 2. Hough; 3. Shibden Wall; 4. Ploughcroft Lane; 5. Exley Bank; 6. Crossley Hill, 7. Haigh Lane/Shaw Lane/Boys Lane/Shaw Hill Lane; 8. Trooper Lane; 9. Cribb Lane; 10. Gibb Lane; 11. Woodhouse Lane; 12. Gainest; 13. Wakefield Gate; 14. Old Lane; 15. Delph Hill Lane; 16. The Buttress; 17. Heptonstall; 18. Horsehold; 19. Butt Lane; 20. Haworth; 21. Thwaites Brow; 22. Hainworth Lane.

There may be one more small one to fit in...  And not sure if no. 7 is one or two (it's rolling).  Just need to write them all up over the Christmas break.

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  1. Hi, is this the event on Sun 10th April 2016? I've signed up one on Sunday but finding it difficult to get any further details at all. The link I had is closed and your blog is only thing I can find. If I have the rgight event, can you help? Where does it start from? Is there a .gps file for teh route?
    Many thanks, Gary Lawton