3. Trooper Lane

Cobbled Climb #2 - Trooper Lane


Halifax sits in the on the river Hebble, a tributary of the Calder, in the shoulder of a steep escarpment, to the east. Trooper hill is a quiet road, that with few concessions to the gradient, climbs straight up the escarpment. The views back across the town are great, and taking them in is a good excuse to catch your breath.

The climb starts at the bottom, by the entrance to the old cemetery, at Swan Bank Lane, with a broad cobbled ramp that is a taster of things to come. Swan Bank veers to the left, while Trooper Lane is straight ahead, looking ominously steep. The lower section is tarmacked, before breaking out into the cobbles proper after the first big hair pin.

Then it rises in a straight line, with a gradually increasing gradient, before turning to the right and emerge at the summit, at 237m.

Video of Climb up Trooper Lane from the 2013 edition

Strava Segment

A decent segment needs to be set up. There is one, misnamed and inaccurately recorded (probably with a phone). The one below will do for now - it's a bit shorter than the whole climb, put the profile seems more realistic.
3448719 Trooper Lane


Avg Grade:19.1%
My best time09m:37s
Avg Power:no PM
Avg W/Kg:2.18w/kg
VAM854 m/hr
Note: Given how I rode it, the VAM is not too far off. Unlike the KOM times. Given that Sir Bradley maxes out at about 1800m/hr, anything on Strava above 1500m/hr is suspicious - either a false time or over stated elevation. If there is a genuine ride above 1500m/hr, the rider should hold a Cat 1 or Cat 2 license, or you should recognise them.


Full profile at veloviewer.com/segment/3448719


Trooper Lane was recently (2015 series) featured on ITV's "The Cycle Show", with Simon Warren (he of 100 climbs fame) describing it as harder than Shibden Wall etc. Which begs the question why it wasn't included in either of the 100 climbs books.

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