9. Haworth Main Street/West Street

Cobbled Climb #7 - Haworth Main Street, West Street


The main street in Haworth is much as it was 100 years ago. Motor vehicles are prohibited, and it is usually full of tourists and pedestrians. Last year, this was early on in the route, so nice and quiet. It's a good long stretch, not too steep, that bears left into West Street, where the cobbles continue. It's all most flat here, so you get a feel for how rough riding on the cobbles actually is.

Plenty of pubs and pie shops line the route at this point

Strava Segment

1197891 Haworth Main St/West St


Avg Grade:6.9%
2012 Edition Time02m:47s
Avg Power:237w
Avg W/Kg:3.0w/kg


Full profile data at veloviewer.com/segment/1197891

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