The nearest hotel to the start is... right at the start!  It's next door to the pub.

I think it is (still) run by the same people as the pub.  The pub is the restaurant!

Has a little pool too.  And is undoubtably a good base to explore the area. tends to have a room at £75 per night (as of October 2013).

Of course, there is a huge amount of B&Bs and hotels.  The nearest/most convenient Premier Inn and Travelodge are in Halifax.  But, unless booked well in advance, these are about the same price as the Leeming Wells.

Search for accommodation in Haworth

There is a fairly popular camp site near by.  About 1/2 mile away tops - 10 minute walk from the pub, which would be the local.

This site has caravans, mobile and static, and pitches for tents.  April might be a bit cool for camping unless you are tough.  They have these camping pod things, which look a bit like mini-log cabins.  I've only ever walked past (a nice bridle way goes past it) and they look fun.

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