4. Gibb Lane

Cobbled Climb #4 - Gibb Lane


Roughly following the river Hebble up the west side, you are afforded with some decent views up the valley. Unfortunately, it is Mixenden that lies ahead, and, in particular the infamous 1970s tower blocks. In the 20th century, the local councils had the policy of clearing out some of the worst of the inner city slums, and dumping the population a few miles out of town. Mixenden is one such place. Since the tower blocks were built it has become particular associated with depravation and crime. Which is a pity.
The road is a quiet one, there are easier routes to take traffic up to Mount Tabor on the west side of the Valley, or Ovenden, Mixenden and Illingworth on the east side. Gibb lane takes you past some isolated farms and a small hamlet. It is a tough climb. Not as tough as Trooper Lane, Shibden Wall and Thwaites brow, but hard enough. The cobbles aren't that good, but not as bad as Thwaites Brow. It's largely wooded, so you aren't rewarded with any decent views until you finally get to the top of the climb near Mount Tabor and the view down the Luddenden Valley.

Strava Segment



Avg Grade:11%



Gibb Farm (on the left on the lower part of the climb) dates from 1715 and Sunny Bank Farm (towards the end, on the left) from 1708. However, Gibb lane doesn't appear to have been surveyed on the 1771 Jeffrey's map of Yorkshire.

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