11. Hainworth Lane, Hainworth, Keighley

Cobbled Climb #9 - Hainworth Lane, Hainworth, Keighley


This one also features in "Another 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs" book. It's in pretty good condition, but well used by cars. Quite steep in places as evidenced by the handrails. The cobbled section, although long, is just part of the main climb. Which, quite fortunately, comes out at the Guide Pub at the top.
Because of road closures, this featured twice in the 2012 edition. It went faster up it the first time.

Video from the 2012 edition:

Strava Segment

1197938 Hainworth Lane Cobbles


Avg Grade:15.9%
Category:(uc, although the whole climb is a 4)
2012 Edition Time03m:14s
Avg Power:283w
Avg W/Kg:3.5w/kg


Full profile data at veloviewer.com/segment/1197938

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  1. This photo is great and a cracking part of the climb. I the summer is lovely and covered keeping the heat off