6. The Buttress Hebden Bridge

Cobbled Climb #4 - The Buttress, Hebden Bridge


Another old road going straight up the hill side. It is probably the original lower section of the current road into Heptonstall. The signage describes it as a footpath, and doesn't even bother with an "unsuitable for motors" sign.

Strava Segment

1160343 Up the Buttress


Avg Grade:24.2%
Note: Not measured by me with Altimeter


Profile graph courtesy of veloviewer.com


The Buttress is the continuation of the Pack Horse route picked up by the 2015 route from Old Lane. It crossed the bridge in Hebden Bridge (rebuilt in stone in 1530) then went up the Buttress and up into Heptonstall. Unlike Old Lane, it is no longer designated as a road - just as a public footpath, but not even a lot of pedestrians take it. It is well used by bikes (and has had an annual hillclimb on it for a few years). Of course, most bikes are pushed up.
The route is well surveyed on the 1771 Jeffrey's map.
The 2015 route follows the old pack horse route from Luddenden, Midgley, down into Hebden Bridge, then up the Buttress and up into Heptonstall

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